Content marketing is on everyone’s lips. And among the flagship contents of the web, video has been in the lead for about 2 years. This format is essential to educate, engage and convert Internet users. That’s why companies increasingly have a channel on YouTube. However, constantly recruiting subscribers on this social network is more tedious than on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

So, if you’re looking for techniques to boost the number of your subscribers on YouTube – We offers you about ten!

Use marketing automation tools

By using automation marketing tools – such as Tubebuddy – your organic reach naturally increases. This software helps you drive your videos and analyze the impact of each one. You can then constantly improve the formats offered to recruit even more subscribers.

Post regularly

To develop a lasting relationship with your subscribers and reach a new audience, you must be consistent in your publications.

Publish a video once a week or at least twice a month to hope for a good referral and build loyalty among your current subscribers.

Use a call-to-action to each video

By judiciously using a “call-to-action” in the form of annotations, you can increase the number of your subscribers. Indeed, YouTube allows you to add a button that invites the user to subscribe to your channel or share the video.

Write striking titles

You need to write relevant headlines that encourage people to want to know more. Make your major keywords appear from the beginning.

Avoid titles that are too long: 50 characters maximum. Another tip is to insert the word “Video” in your title, in order to differentiate it from other videos in search engines.

Customize the thumbnail

Take care of the thumbnail of your videos to give Internet users the desire to click. Don’t forget that it will appear alongside other videos in search engines!

Integrate subscription buttons on your blog

On your blog or website, clearly announce your presence on YouTube, as you do with other social networks. The platform offers you many buttons, easy to set up and install on your website, to encourage your visitors to subscribe in one click.

Optimize the video description for SEO

Take care of the description of your video by integrating keywords that will allow you to optimize your SEO in search engines. This is a guarantee to be regularly visible to qualified Internet users, who will want to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Create partnerships with influent Youtubers

Collaboration on YouTube has become a very common practice among content creators. Get in touch with YouTubers who offer videos similar to yours, but with a stronger community, to set up a partnership with you.

This technique allows you to reach a new audience with similar interests and recruit new quality subscribers.

Organize video contests

Offering a contest on YouTube will allow you to get more engagement from Internet users. Especially if you condition it on the subscription and sharing of one of your videos.

Organize a cross-channel promotion of your videos

Your presence on the various existing Social Medias is an obligation from the moment you want to be visible. Set up a real social media strategy to ensure your promotion!

As soon as you publish a video, share it with your Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus subscribers. Announce it on your Instagram or Snapchat account. You can even send an email to your newsletter subscribers.

The more you communicate on your YouTube channel, the more likely you are to recruit new subscribers. Consider using YouTube Analytics to monitor your key performance indicators.