YouTube is one of the most visited sites in the world, and should, therefore, work perfectly on any browser.

The site has already been the subject of controversy, especially since its loading speed was much better on the Chrome browser than on other browsers.

New controversy today because we learn that the new theme of YouTube is unavailable for Edge Chromium, while it uses exactly the same rendering engine as Google Chrome … not very logical all that!

A few weeks ago, Microsoft began publishing the first previews of its new Chromium-based Edge browser.

The objective for Microsoft with this one: to improve the compatibility of its browser with the whole of the Web (and not to have to maintain its own rendering engine probably, but that it is not official =)).

Yes, but Google does not seem to want to make the task easy for its rival forever, since the firm would have meanwhile updated several of its websites so that they are not compatible with the new Edge.

YouTube is part of the lot because now users who connect to it from Edge Chromium can only use the old theme.

Worse: YouTube explicitly suggests that they use their Google Chrome browser to take advantage of the new theme.

Google, which always has good arguments to defend itself, replied that Microsoft’s browser had not yet been officially released.

It would be for this reason that a message would indicate that it is not yet supported. Even if it seems plausible, we must admit that this situation remains perplexed as Edge Chromium and Google Chrome both share the same rendering engine.

Clearly, the display of a web page on any browser based on Chromium can only be completely identical.

Microsoft has not yet released its Chromium-based Edge browser as a final release, and it is unclear when it will be ready.

Nevertheless, if you want to test it, I invite you to go here to download it in Beta version.

Then just go to YouTube to discover the nice message of incompatibility served by Google.

So sabotage? Bad faith? I will let you tell me what you think in the comments!