Eminem and Proof come back with a stunning Youtube video! Eminem publishes freestyle 20 years ago, fans are thrilled! Eminem publishes a Youtube video worthy of a master stroke.

It’s a freestyle between Proof and him that dates from no less than 20 years ago!

Fans must have a smile on their faces while listening to this nugget of music (never published before!).

This freestyle is completely new. This video was recorded in the New York Live show with Westwood & Marley Marl.

The audio quality, necessarily, has aged, but the sound is still at the top! Eminem, still very young at this time, performs an impressive performance.

It propels us into the memories of his first songs.

Eminem and Proof: freestyle big up! It is Eminem who releases the first hooks.

He sings then: “Slim Shady and Proof MC, Proof on my side, my side kick, ya’ll can suck my wide d ***“.

The video lasts more than 7 minutes and the punchlines are excellent!

Twenty years ago, Eminem was already talking about his brutal celebrity. He spoke openly about all the advantages but also the disadvantages.

And all this in freestyle of course! Very talented, the rapper was already shining with an unusual inspiration!

Proof was a founding member of the D12 group.

But he died tragically in 2006 as a result of an altercation with a bouncer. The latter then murdered him at the exit of a Detroit club.

Proof was Eminem’s best friend. It was a big shock for the American rapper to learn the disappearance of this being so dear to him.

He was in addition to that, a rising star of American hip-hop … The fate has decided otherwise and he left his wife and five children without a marker.