Ten years after its launch, YouTube has become a key player in online video sharing. Would you have bet on it by watching the first youtube video? It was an 18-second sequence by aman named Jawed Karim, who was visiting the San Diego Zoo. Leaning against a fence, the man spends banalities on the elephants and their impressive trunks: “They really have a very, very long trunk and that’s cool.” This exciting video would have its place among the contenders for the Notube Prize for the most useless video.

Except that they are not just any video, as Digital Trends explains. The man in question is Jawed Karim, one of the co-founders of YouTube. And his relevant remarks on pachyderms are the very first video posted on Youtube on April 23, 2005.

The progress made since then has been impressive. Today, Youtube has changed the way we see things. The platform made it harmless to see dogs eating out, made us used to tell everyone about our lives and opened our minds to the strangest sexual tendencies.

60 minutes of video uploaded per second

As anthropologist Michael Wesch showed in his video “An Anthropological introduction to Youtube” in 2008, Jawed Karim’s creation has changed our social behaviour. Anonymity, physical distance and ephemeral interactions make it possible to experience humanity without fear or anxiety. In short, Youtube has enshrined the advent of “connected individualism”.

And this success is reflected in the figures:

  • One hour of video uploaded every second.
  • 800 million unique visitors per month.
  • In 2011, Youtube had more than a thousand billion views, which makes 140 views per person on Earth….

If it has become common to put your life on Youtube, it is important to remember that the videos most watched on Youtube come from the music industry and not from your living room. According to ReadWriteWeb; Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are on the podium.