“A few thousand euros” .

.. Asked this Friday on France Inter, the amount paid by Beyoncé and Jay Z to shoot their APES ** T clip at the Louvre, the museum’s president Jean-Luc Martinez remained evasive. “I can not remember the number,” he added. According to France Inter, which is based on the museum’s price list and the extent of the shooting of APES ** T, “we can estimate the amount paid by the artists to rent the Louvre between 16 and 20,000 euros”.

How much did Beyoncé and Jay Z pay to shoot their clip in the Louvre? 6

Since its release in June 2018, the clip APES ** T Beyoncé and Jay-Z has been seen nearly 165 million times on Youtube. A card for the couple, but also for the Louvre Museum, where the video was shot. The establishment, shown under a new angle that touches a younger audience, even offers a thematic tour of 1:30 in the footsteps of the works that appear on the screen.

“We must remember that Beyoncé and Jay-Z had already come to the Louvre Museum, it was the fifth time they came, they are people who are contemporary artists, creators, who frequent an art museum.

There is no evidence that an old museum is popular, so seeing the museum through their eyes means seeing it differently – that’s the museum: a place where people build his imagination, “explained Jean-Luc Martinez.