Here’s how to download videos to YouTube from your Android phone or tablet. The streaming video service offers a relatively rich catalog of video and music.

In many situations, it is simply impossible to access them and having offline content can be helpful. We explain how to proceed with applications made available by some developers.

The Internet has become today a resource almost common to all, without being accessible as easily for one as for the others.

It must be said that even though we can all connect, it is not said that the quality of the connection is the same.

These disparities are even harder to swallow as VOD services are now legion.

And YouTube is obviously one of the most popular, being one of the pioneers of video on the Internet.

However, it can be difficult to cash in on bandwidth. Google is aware of this, and recently launched the YouTube GO service for emerging countries and small packages.

The problem is that to use it, a VPN is required. It is becoming possible in more and more countries to download YouTube videos directly, but France is not concerned.

But solutions exist and we offer alternatives to download YouTube videos on your mobile or tablet, follow the guide!

Download your YouTube videos on your smartphone or tablet

The application is not available on the Play Store, for obvious reasons, Google has no interest that the developers do not offer this kind of solution on its shop.

Fortunately we can find it easily through the ApkMirror site for example and make sure to download the latest version of TubeMate.

If needed, check a tutorial to install APKs outside the Play Store.

Some explanations help to better understand how to proceed serenely.

Once TubeMate downloaded and installed, launch it, you can see that the interface is very close to the YouTube application.

Find a video that interests you, in our example the trailer of Star Wars: The last Jedi.

At the top of the interface, an icon can download the content with the quality you want To follow the download, nothing more simple, just slide on the right.

It is worth noting that the higher the quality of the downloaded video, the greater the expectation that the file will be large.

TubeMate requires an extension for its operation to download from the Play Store for Full HD (1080p) video only.

The application does the job, once downloaded, the video will be available directly on your smartphone and you can watch it using a video player on Android, like VLC or Kodi for example.

Be careful though, the application can sometimes prompt the user to install other programs, you must be vigilant and refuse each time.

Another application exists that espouses a different interface this time.

A little more fun to use, it allows exactly the same thing as TubeMate. Once again you will not have to search for it on the Play Store but on the publisher’s website. Once the application is downloaded, here is the procedure to follow.

SnapTube (Android) – eDl Lite (iOS)

  • Search for the video you want to download
  • Tap the download icon just down the right
  • Select the desired quality level
  • You’re done wait until the download finishes

There are more applications and how to proceed including through sites. Nevertheless, we wish to share with you the two solutions which are in our eyes the most effective and easy to handle.

Feel free to tell us in the comments if you have other alternatives to offer us. We will be happy to try them.

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