It’s a mouth-watering video that Squeezie shared on his YouTube channel: the youtuber accuses some influencers of not being honest and transparent to their community on how to make money.

Denouncing their methods, he invites them to take their responsibilities. A few months after talking about Tibo Inshape‘s dedications and paid meetings, Squeezie decided to devote a video to the techniques used by some influencers to make money … not always very honest according to him.

Squeezie denounces the techniques used by some influencers to earn money 6

“You will have to play on the words and manipulate your communities a bit, but it does not matter, we want money, we are here for that brothel!”, He launches sarcastically.

Among them, make videos of more than 10 minutes to be able to put as many advertisements as one wants. “Our content is free, we must earn our living.If we do not put 4 ads, we can not do our shopping! 4000 euros per month, that’s not enough, we want the 15K!”, he says, admitting that he himself is doing it ..

Thanks to his talent on Fortnite, this 14-year-old teen earns 15,000 euros … per month “Take responsibility” Lucas Hauchard accuses influencers not to be transparent and honest about the money they are receiving, or not to assume the product investments they make.

According to him, some would even go to pay a very low salary to have less expenses to pay … except that the biggest expenses are made with the money of their company. A video shot mouth: “After all these years, I’m too tired of seeing guys just want to get well but do not assume to want to get well, while there is no shame or harm to all that.”

He invites them to take their responsibilities: “stop always clearing yourself, be transparent about it if you want to be”.